Economizers & Mixing Boxes

Definition: An economizer is a mechanical device used to reduce energy consumption. Economizers recycle energy produced within a system or leverage environmental temperature differences to achieve efficiency improvements.

Reality: Economizers and mixing boxes can reduce energy consumption… If set up and installed properly. The goal of the MicroMetl Blog is to simplify the comprehension of complex or technical procedures into layman’s terms. With 50 years of experience manufacturing HVAC economizers and mixing boxes, we have a wealth of experience. We want to better educate our customers by offering you not just the products, but real world solutions to some simple and some not so obvious problems customers experience in the field.

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Economizer Types Defined

Economizers are mechanical devices used to make the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit more efficient by regulating the return air and outside air. Economizers come in many different configurations. Low Leak is defined as an industry requirement...

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