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When replacing an existing RoofTop Unit – RTU, you are often faced with a myriad of decision. Some options may not be obvious. Too often contractors discover the unexpected after removing the existing Roof top unit. Concern about static pressure, orientation or rotation of the new curb due to obstacles or static pressure, duct-work connections, measurements and so much more.

Here at the MicroMetl Blog, we are here to simply the process. MicroMetl has nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing curb adaptors, no one has more experience.

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HVAC – What Is A Curb Adapter

HVAC – What Is A Curb Adapter

What is a Curb Adapter? -- For anyone new to the HVAC industry, this is a valid question. Let's Start With A New Installation: When a building is constructed, prior to the installation of the HVAC Rooftop Unit (RTU), the roof is cut, and a metal structure called a...

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