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When placing a new RoofTop Unit (RTU) on a curb, you have so many choices.   Here you will discover how you can wade through those choices and make the best decision for your client or facility. MicroMetl has years of experience manufacturing standard and custom size rooftop curbs. Have a question about roof curb… Let us know! We would be please to create it as a new topic on our multimedia blog!    

What Are Seismic Roof Curbs?

What Are Seismic Roof Curbs? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Seismic as… “From subject to, or caused by an earthquake; also :  of or relating to an earth vibration caused by something else (as an explosion or the impact of a meteorite).” I’m thinking if your...

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Common Rooftop Curb Types Defined

Common Rooftop Curb Types Explained & Defined! When placing a new Rooftop Unit on a curb, you have so many choices.  So I’ve assembled a summary of the most common curbs, and I’ll explain what differentiates them. Knockdown Curb – This curb ships unassembled, and can...

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