Knockdown Rooftop Curbs Defined & Explained!
MicroMetl Knockdown Curb Small

  What is a Knockdown Roof Curb?

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationThe Knockdown Curb ships un-assembled, can be easily stored in your inventory, and is your least expensive option when it comes to rooftop curbs. With the use of some basic tools, it is easily field assembled.

The concept of the knockdown curb is quiet simple. Some of our larger knockdown curbs require brackets accompanied by nuts & bolts. However, most MicroMetl knockdown curbs are provided with our MicroLock system.

This was developed at MicroMetl allowing the curb to be assembled with just a rubber mallet. Simply fit the tab into the slot… with minimum pressure, the corners securely lock into place.

Be certain to square your new curb before you secure and roof it into place. You can assure the curb is square by matching the measurements from corner to corner.

The most common curb height is fourteen inches. However, MicroMetl offer other standard heights, as well as your choice of any pitch, or custom height variation, to best fit your rooftop requirements.

Lastly, all deck pans are fully insulated on the back. If you require insulation to be applied to the full perimeter of the curb, and don’t see the option on the MicroMetl website, just contact Customer Support for pricing.

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