The Pros & Cons Of The Welded Rooftop Curb

Are Welded Curbs Worth the Additional Investment?

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationWelded curbs can be a time saver when compared to knockdown curbs. They’re delivered fully assembled. Just put them in place, no need to square your new curb, and no assembly required. Additionally, the supports and deck pans are properly measured and secured at the factory.

At the end of the day, it’s about the same out of pocket costs when comparing welded to knockdown curbs.  It’s often a trade of labor to construct a knockdown curb, verses the initial first cost of the welded curb, increased shipping cost, and in some cases, a crane if not already on site at the time of installation.

You can reduce your cost by having a scissor lift on site, assuming the new curb is not too big. Furthermore, if a crane is required, early planning will allow you the time to combine jobs, thus reducing costs!

A few notes about welded curbs…

The most common curb height is fourteen inches. However, MicroMetl offers other standard heights, as well as your choice of any pitch, or custom height variation, to best fit your rooftop requirements.

Welded curbs are furnished with a full perimeter wood nailer. This wood strip allows the roofer to nail the roofing material up to the top of the curb when sealing the roof.

The deck pans are fully insulated on the back, and if you require insulation to be applied to the full perimeter of the curb, and don’t see the option on the MicroMetl website, just contact Customer Support for pricing.