HVAC Burglar Bars – Do They Really Work And Where Do They Belong?

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationInnovative criminals will try anything to gain access into a building. So when conventional breaking and entry methods either fail, or appear too risky, burglars often attempt entry through Heating, HVAC Curb Burglar Bars At MicroMetlVentilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Access through an HVAC system into your business, school, or building is easier than you think. Access is not only considered by the criminal element, but also exploring neighborhood children, and animals seeking shelter from the elements.

HVAC security incorporating burglar bars pose an unexpected obstacle for persons attempting to enter into a building through the HVAC duct work.

Burglar Bar Location Is Critical

Due to the actual location of a business in conjunction to the HVAC unit feeding the building, some business owners install burglar bar systems deep inside the ductwork, at a distance from the HVAC source. This can be highly problematic when a child or intruder discovers the obstacle at the end of a long crawl. A maze of sheet metal can easily confuse, exhaust, and trap someone unable to get turned around deep inside a buildings structure, making it impossible to return to the rooftop. Firefighters and police must now extract the culprit, posing a danger to the unwanted intruder, as well as the rescue personnel.

The recommended insertion point for burglar bars is just before the metal ducting entering into the building rooftop, commonly known as the roof curb. It is further recommended to protect both the supply and return duct openings of an HVAC system.

HVAC burglar bar accessories are commonly found in schools, government buildings with enhanced security requirements, and businesses to keep unwanted visitors out after business hours.

Burglar Bar Construction

Manufactures vary the material used in construction. MicroMetl uses ½ inch steel round bars, welded at the intersections, and at a maximum of six inches between each metal bar. These bars provide excellent security and long-lasting use.

Factory or Field Installation – Does it Matter?

Post curb construction HVAC burglar bar roof curb inserts are available for the most common HVAC curbs. However, consider burglar bar inserts when ordering new roof curbs. Burglar bars can be fitted into most any roof curb or curb adapter if requested prior to manufacturing. Otherwise, you risk a failed field installation when your new inserts don’t fit. MicroMetl burglar bars are secured into place at the factory when shipped with an assembled curb, making their installation an afterthought for the installer.

HVAC burglar bar curb inserts are constructed to be easily inserted into most rooftop curbs. However, once the HVAC rooftop unit is installed, the burglar bar accessory becomes trapped by the HVAC unit, and cannot be removed.

To prevent the high costs incurred with theft, break-ins and unwanted intruders, the low cost of burglar bar inserts should be included in the cost of every project.