HVAC Economizer Types Defined MicroMetl Feature

Nancy Chen - MicroMetl Design Engineer

Nancy Chen

Economizers are mechanical devices used to make the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit more efficient by regulating the return air and outside air. Economizers come in many different configurations.Low Leak Ultra Economizer Micrometl

Low Leak is defined as an industry requirement permitting a minimal quantity of air leakage aka CFM through closed dampers. Any leakage within those limits are referred to as “Low Leak.


Standard Leak economizers are not as tightly designed as “Low Leak” and allow more leakage. They would not meet the industry requirements for “Low Leak”.

Low Leak Economizer MicroMetl

MicroMetl Down Discharge Economizer (ECD) series are designed for vertical/down discharge HVAC units. The economizers fit inside the HVAC unit and over the return air opening located on the bottom of the unit. All economizers are equipped with horizontal gear driven blades.  Economizers are normally equipped with a gravity relief damper (Barometric Relief). The ECD series economizers come in low leak and standard leak.


Horizontal Discharge Economizer


MicroMetl Horizontal Discharge Economizer (ECH) series economizers fit inside the HVAC unit and are used in the horizontal application. Due to size constraints and the opening location, the blades are vertical. Ductwork connects to the horizontal return air opening. ECH series economizers are available only as “Standard Leak.”


External Mount Economizer


The MicroMetl External Mount Economizer (ECE) is designed to fit within ductwork or attached externally to an HVAC unit. The ECE series economizers contain separate dampers mounted on the outside of the HVAC unit. ECE series are offered as “Low Leak” and “Standard Leak” economizers.



Convertible Economizer MicroMetl

The MicroMetl Convertible Economizer (ECC) series are designed to work with vertical HVAC units, but can be converted to work in the horizontal application by either adapter panels provided with the economizer or a conversion kit that is purchased separately. For the horizontal conversion, a panel is provided to block the vertical return opening in the HVAC unit and the relief damper provided with the economizer is to be installed on the horizontal duct. ECC units come with “Low Leak” and “Standard Leak” options.



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