QR Codes Defined At MicroMetlWhat Are QR Codes and Three Reasons Why You Should Use Them!

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationWhat’s up with those crazy squares? To get Freudian, I think the blob resembles Big Foot, and could possibly reveal the burial place of Jimmy Hoffa. When psychologist Hermann Rorschach created the Inkblot test, little did he know it would look so similar to digital encoding?

QR stands for Quick Response, and differs from the standard barcode. A bar code is designed to be read vertically, and is therefore considered to be one dimensional. The QR Code is two dimensional. Data is extracted both horizontally and vertically, and therefore contains much more information than a standard bar code.

Although many thought the QR code would never replace the bar code, some are beginning to rethink that theory.

1. A Shortcut For A Busy World?

QR Codes are shortcuts for a busy society. Why type the entire website address into your smart phone, thereby fat fingering your phone browser to TalMart (Offering something in French), instead of WalMart (to price out your future ninety-five inch flat screen)?

2. Drive-By Scanning

In this busy world, who has a pen and paper when you need it. Instantly price compare an item in a retail store, automatically transfer all the information from a business card into your Outlook or other contact software, launch a website or video. You can even quickly view a restaurant menu, and scan further to view the nutritional and recipe content.

3. Information When You Need It

You may have already begun to notice QR Codes on some of your MicroMetl products and paperwork.  Our new install guides will be providing a QR Code whisking you off to supporting blog articles, or instructional videos.

Our goal; to provide our customers with QR Codes where you need those most… At the jobsite! By scanning a QR Code from your smart phone from a piece of MicroMetl equipment, you will have immediate access the install guide, submittal and/or installation video guide.

Get A Free App!

It’s easy to add a free “QR Code Scanner” App to your smart phone. There are more available than I have time to recommend. Some provide additional services like price comparison or customized data manipulation. I tried one or two and quickly discovered the one for me. The QR Code app will utilize your phone’s camera. Just get it near the center, allow the camera to self-adjust the focus, and boom… Results in a nanosecond!