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MicroMetl has been leading the HVAC Accessories industry for nearly 50 years. MicroMetl manufactures HVAC Accessories and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) products. The MicroMetl blog will cover the detailed aspects of all our products. The MicroMetl Blog will make you an better informed consumer, service provider, and MicroMetl customer. Team MicroMetl is comprised of seasoned industry veterans. Many of our employees and management possess decades of experience in manufacturing, and HVAC product design. We want to openly share this information with the entire HVAC community. MicroMetl prides itself on product quality, and premium customer service… This blog will be no exception! This blog is your forum, so please feel free to ask questions, make comments, and request topics of interest to you and your organization. The entire MicroMetl organization from coast to coast thanks you for using MicroMetl. We look forward to progressing into the future, and serving all your ERV and HVAC Accessory needs! Team MicroMetl www.MicroMetl.com

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