“The Cube”
Residential & Small Commercial Mixing Box / Economizer

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There is nothing more frustrating than getting onto the job site to install a mixing box, only to discover that the duct work was incorrectly installed, or changed without your knowledge. So now what do you do? If you order a new one it could take weeks and the client wants it yesterday.

Abbie Stancato At MicroMetl CorporationMicroMetl’s “Cube” mixing box is your answer. It is a state of the art generic size mixing box. This unique design allows the field technician to easily relocate the Outside Air (OA) damper, or Return Air (RA) damper location with ease. No more concerns about ordering the proper configuration, or last minute changes in configuration.

Relocating a damper is a simple as removing the screws on one panel, removing the blank-off on another, reconnecting the connection rod, and reassembling. “The Cube” ships fully factory assembled with the OA damper on top and the RA damper located on front.

“The Cube” is offered in three generic sizes (measured in outside dimensions)…

16.5 In. X 16.5 In. X 16.5 In. (41.91 cm X 41.91 cm X 41.91 cm) – 1000 CFM @ 0.2” Static

19.5 In.  X 19.5 In.  X 19.5 In. (49.53 cm X 49.53 cm X 49.53 cm) – 1500 CFM @ 0.2” Static

23.5 In.  X 23.5 In.  X 23.5 In. (59.69 cm X 59.69 cm X 59.69 cm) – 2000 CFM @ 0.2” Static

The versatility and ease of configuration makes this a perfect stock item!

“The Cube” comes standard with the new Honeywell Jade Controller, and a choice of Enthalpy or Adjustable Dry Bulb Controls, and a Communicating Actuator, which offers feedback to the Jade Controller — Also available without controls if you choose to provide your own.

Have you ever had to measure for a curb adapter and wasn’t sure where to start? Get it right the first time… “How To Measure For A Curb Adaptor.” Next week — Exclusively at MicroMetl!

Team MicroMetl