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What is the MicroMetl Question & Answer Forum?

MicroMetl is a North American leader in the manufacturing of HVAC Accessories. 2015 is a Fifty Year milestone for MicroMetl. With five decades of HVAC Accessory Manufacturing experience, we offer an open forum for you to ask your questions, and provide your knowledge and insight.

Anonymous Questions & Answers… No Email Registration Required!

Unlike other forums on the web, the MicroMetl Forum is a Questions & Answers Forum which Does Not require website registration to participate!

Too often you search the web, discover a forum thread, and want ask you question, but you don’t want to register. The New MicroMetl Forum asks you to offer a “Nickname” only to participate. The “Nickname is only use to tie a name to a question or answer.

Registered Users… Added Benefits

For those currently registered, or who wish to register with the MicroMetl Blog, you can retain an identity, and view your specific questions and answers. Additionally, you can vote “up or down” on question comments & replies, as well as mark your “Favorite”, or “Best Answer.”

MicroMetl is proud to be the expert in our industry! We are here to support out product, and offer the expertise you need… When you need it!

Check out the MicroMetl Forum Now, and Bookmark it For Later!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Question: I don’t see the correct category for my question?
Answer: If you don’t see a Category which best fits your question, don’t sweat it. Choose the “General Questions” Category and we’ll keep it there, or create a new category just for you!

Question: I just posted a question and don’t see it?
Answer: Because this is an open forum which allows anonymous questions & answers to be posted, MicroMetl uses a moderator to preview, and screen all postings. Most will be posted within hours during weekday, business hours.