JADE Controller With No Y2 Output Voltage

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I have a Jade Controller installed with Y1 as economizer, and Y2 mechanical (conv). I have economizer, and 24 volts going to Y2 in, and nothing on Y2 out. I waited 10 minutes and still no signal.  I was told stage 3 had to be changed to 0, I did that, and still nothing out of Y2?  Please help.
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Posted by Frank
Asked On September 11, 2015 9:53 AM
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According to Honeywell’s product data for the Jade controller, if there is a Y1 input call and a Y2 input call, then the STG3 DLY point in the Advanced Setup Menu sets the amount of time the logic will wait before turning on a second stage of mechanical cooling, if the point is set to a number. If the point is set to OFF, then the second stage of mechanical cooling will never be activated.

You state that you have 24V going to Y2-In, but do you have 24V going to Y1-in? Is the first stage of mechanical cooling activating?

I would also suggest using the CHECKOUT menu in order to see if it is possible to engage the Y2-O relay at all. Navigate to the CHECKOUT menu and enable the CONNECT Y2-O test. When you run this test, you should get 24V out of your Y2-O terminal.

For reference, you can find a copy of the latest Product Data for the Jade controller from Honeywell’s website at: https://customer.honeywell.com/resources/techlit/TechLitDocuments/63-0000s/63-2700.pdf

Stephen Mikesell (Electrical Engineer, MicroMetl Corporation)

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Answered On September 15, 2015 1:07 PM
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