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Is it possible for a professional HVAC company to replace a 3-ton 2005 lennox RTU with a new Carrier 3-ton RTU, using a curb adapter, and end up with 10-12 degrees of return-air temperature rise between return plenum and the coil??

These guys have been struggling with this bad install for a week.  We were replacing the flaky Lennox RTU, cooling 750sqft office, that would freeze you to death.  The install of the new carrier has lead to nothing but arguments about undersizing, flourescent light fixtures, computer screens and all kinds of other BS.  We’re in Philly, not Death Valley.  The Return/Supply delta is 72/67….the return plenum itself has NO issues or leaks….but amazingly the return temp at the coil is 87 degrees.

Any ideas I can champion and pass on??  FYI – it’s not the economizer.  Next step is to pull the unit and inspect adapter.



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Posted by airwolf2tv
Asked On April 26, 2017 12:22 PM
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