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Hello I am the instructor for the HVAC program at Palomar College.  We are in the process of starting a new HVAC program and I am looking for a source to design and fabricate some equipment for our program.  I was at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert last week, they have several Carrier package units with MicroMetl economizers with exhaust fans.  I am impressed with the quality of your equipment, I have installed and serviced your equipment over the years but never considered your product for the classroom.

I would like to consider some custom curbs with built in ducting mounted on casters for our classroom and lab.  Also interested in economizers and exhaust fans on these units.  Initially we will working with NC3/Trane so we will be using some of their equipment to start.  In the future we will be adding some Carrier equipment.  I will be looking at equipment (Carrier and Trane rooftop equipment) that will be suited for training and teaching purposes in the 3 to 7.5 ton range.

Are you interested in providing your services and equipment?

Thanks, Ed Kirk


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Posted by Ed Kirk
Asked On November 20, 2018 10:25 AM
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